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Introducing ZEROPROOF a new wave of THC drinkables.

Zero Proof, a new wave of THC drinkables in fast-acting, sessionable, easy-to-use formats – perfect for big nights out with your crew and mellow moments in with just you. Find out why the proof is in the feeling.

Stir is coming soon!

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Proof Points

Perfect for hangouts without the hangovers

Precise and customizable dosing options

Convenient size, no smoke or smell, perfect for on-the-go

Options for all your favorite drinks and occasions


Squeeze fast-acting THC bevacage enhancer

Give life a little Squeeze with our line of fast-acting, cannabis-infused beverage enhancers to add to the drink of your choice.

This easy, pocketable format and 2.5mg per serving dosage is sessionable, convenient, and consistent, making it perfect for every occasion. Cheers to a new way to cheers.

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How to Squeeze

Refresh your favorite refreshments with a cannabis-infused dash of flavor. Our precise dosing dispenser allows you to start with a single dose and build to your liking. Simply squeeze, drop, and enjoy!

Remove Cap

Push, turn & pull. Keep bottle upright.


While upright, gently squeeze to fill dispenser. Fully release and liquid drops down to a 2.5mg THC dose.


A 2.5mg THC dose per 8-10 fl. oz. of your drink & enjoy!

Transform sparkling water into flavorful THC infused experience. It's instant happy hour without the hangover. Just pour it in, stir it up, and let the goodvibes roll.

Coming soon

How to STIR


Hold upright and tear open at the notch.


Pour entire liquid mix into 10-12oz of sparkling water.


Stir to mix the liquid entirely and enjoy!

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